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NREMS Announces the 2000 Subscription Program

"To all persons residing and working within the Northampton Regional 
Emergency Medical Services coverage area. As you may have noticed, you 
recently received, in your mail, a year 2000 subscription request. If you 
did not receive a subscription request in the mail, you may view a copy 
here on our web site, or contact us via phone for a copy. The subscription 
consists of our yearly fund drive which nets a significant amount of our 
operating budget revenue. The subscription is a sign of our residents' 
support to ensure the continued success of its ambulance service. For a 
nominal donation, the subscription helps ensure that our ambulance service 
will remain viable and that the donor will not be responsible for emergency 
ambulance care. Please return your subscription as soon as possible. The 
subscription runs from the time we receive your donation until December 31, 

The volunteer and career staff of the Northampton Regional Emergency 
Medical Services thanks you for your kind and generous support as we enter 
the new millennium."

Please click this link to view our subscription form.

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Last modified: December 14, 1999